I have been a tester for over thirteen years and have delved into many aspects of testing over that timeEmma Armstrong.  I had a great introduction to testing under the watchful eye of some great testers at ARM where I learned the foundations of how to test that I still rely on today.  I had the fun of working on compilers, linkers, motherboards and debuggers to name just a few.  I then joined a large test team at i2, looking at web applications and other products to allow you to analyse and visualise large amounts of data.  Here I moved from the more traditional waterfall approach to a rapid development style and continued to expand both my knowledge and my skill set.

After a brief stint at Antics, looking at 3D animation, I then joined Red Gate where I have had the opportunity to work on several projects ranging from desktop to web applications and using varying technologies.  More importantly than that I have had the opportunity to learn from some highly skilled individuals intent on making great quality software that both looks and functions the way users need.

The articles on this blog are based on my opinions and experience and will be mostly relevant to testers, however I hope to appeal to anyone interested in cultivating a better understanding of the software development process. I have written a few articles previously, but over the last year have set myself the challenge of being more actively involved in the testing community rather than just absorbing from a distance. Share your thoughts with me as I navigate these new waters, I will only get better with feedback.

What are you thoughts?

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